Kazakhstan - a country of ancient civilization of the Eurasian continent, the birthplace of the nomadic tribes. Kazakhstan - a solid piece of the Great Silk Road. We have a rich culture and a very rich history. Our country is the ninth largest in the world. A variety of natural landscapes and wildlife impresses even the most experienced travelers! And most importantly, we have - a very hospitable people!

  • Welсome to Kazakhstan
    The Republic of Kazakhstan is home to about 120 ethnic groups and nationalities. For the first time in the world, namely in Kazakhstan, it was recorded the fact of the ability of elephants to learn and use human language to communicate. Elephant Batyr had the ability to imitate the sounds of the world - the speech of people, barking dogs and other noises. This fact has contributed to changing attitudes of scientists all over the world for this kind of animal, and engendered new directions in science. The border between Kazakhstan and Russia - the longest continuous land border in the world. 7,512 kilometers. Chimney Ekibastuz is the highest in the world at 430 meters. Kazakhstan - the 9th largest country in the world and the largest of having no outlet to the ocean. Kazakhstan - the birthplace of tulips and apples. Horses were first domesticated in the territory of modern Kazakhstan. The first artificial satellite and the first man was sent into space from Kazakhstan, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. 0 February 1986 in the Kazakh SSR was set a world record - for "Tselinnaya rail" held part 440 cars - a total weight of 43.4 tons and a length of 6.5 km. TV tower Almaty Kok-Tube - counting from the sea level, is the highest TV tower in the world.