Feltmaking Master-Class

Feltmaking is an ancient textile art of Kazakh nomads that has been passing from generation to generation. Kazakh people lived in yurts (portable nomadic dwelling) decorated with felt carpets and household items, slept on felt, wore felt clothes, covered horses. Felt was believed to protect from evil spirits and enemies; felt helped to hide from cold and hot weather. Nowadays the felt is being given a new life: the artists and designers create stunning masterpieces from felt. There is an opportunity to feel yourself a real nomad learning traditions of feltmaking and trying to create a felt carpet by your own. It is easy, no need to possess any special skills. You will be surprised how can a pile of wool become to a product with using only warm soapwater and hand work. And surely you can take away your product.

Master-class (2 hours) for group: from 107 USD.   


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