Tracking "Butakovskiy waterfall"

Seasonality: all year round.

The duration of the walking portion: 4 to 5 hours.
Vertical drop: from 1600 to 2300 m above sea level
Route Difficulty: easy *.

Not far from the Almaty, in the mountains of Zailiiskii Alatau, in the Small Almaty gorge is one of its branches - a small but very picturesque Butakovsky gorge. Spectacular views of the gorge, clean air, cool in the summer hot days, and the availability of suitable sites for recreation long attracted tourists. The main attraction of the Butakovsky gorge - its waterfalls. Falls are two: the bottom, 15 meters high, the most popular among tourists. Upper and lower Bottom Falls is located in the upper part of the valley at a distance of two kilometers. The left branch Butakovsky gorge ends quickly with a steep climb almost vertical rocky outcrops. For thousands years the small stream separated by wide rock nearly half, cut a crack for thirty-meter depth and smoothed the edges bizarre ledges, cornices and cracks. The width at the bottom of the waterfall over fifteen meters. Spray mist and shut a huge area, and on sunny days almost permanent rainbow that rises in height, then falls to the ground. In winter, waterfall freezes and impresses with its terrible overlooking the crystal clear mountain water turned to ice. Besides the beautiful waterfalls of the gorge is rich in flora, which grow on the slopes of the Tien-Shan spruce, aspen, mountain ash, and barberry. There are pine and birch planting. A bank of a small creek of the same name covered with thickets of willow and Tien Shan's birch.

Tracking Price per person per day - $ 90 for a group of 3 people. 
Tracking Price per person per weekday - $ 75 for a group of 3 people.
Included in cost: 
1. Shipping to / from your hotel to the starting point of the tracking.
2. Services experienced an accompanying guide.
3. All entrance fees and environmental fees.
4. Registration in the rescued party.

The price does not include:
1. Lunch box.
2. Personal spending tourists.
3. medetsinskogo insurance. 


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